Changing the Vista shutdown button

It is easy to change the Shutdown/ power button on any version of Windows Vista. Change it to go to Standby, to Hibernate , to Off, to lots of options.

Just follow my instructions below and you too can do it.

change Vista shutdown button - screenshot

Here is a screen shot of the where you change Vista shutdown button.

I hope it makes it clear.
Remember to follow the instructions ( change-vista-shutdown-button and at GoldCoaster ) that I have posted before.

Change Vista Shutdown Button

With Vista, Microsoft decided that the default power down option available on the Start menu should put your computer into sleep mode, that’s not what I want so I have changed it. And I guess that is why you are here, you want to change the Vista shutdown button.

In Vista you will find no less than 7 options for turning off your computer or putting it into one of several “standby” modes. In addition to the secondary power off menu (which is accessed by the small arrow at the bottom of the Start menu) there is the Power button on the start menu.

The Power button does not turn off your computer in its default settings; it places your computer into “sleep” mode. Sleep mode offers a very quick resume of less than two seconds but I like the Power button to shut down the computer straight away, right, so let’s go ahead and take care of that. The easiest way to get to the Power Options is to just type power in the Start menu search box or find Power Options in the control panel .

Now, click on the power plan currently in use and go to Change Plan Settings and then to Advanced Power Settings. Click the “+” sign next to Power buttons and lids and then do the same next to Start menu and power buttons, select the shutdown option. You can do this for only the plan currently in use but you could set it on all plans so Vista doesn’t try to surprise you.

And that is it, you now are able to change vista shutdown button. Easy hey.

I think it’s kind of cool that after changing the power button from sleep to shutdown it changes color from Yellow to Red as seen in the pic.

I will post more bits (and there are lots) about how to change Vista shutdown button soon.
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